Keeping on the Path


Me in March of 2014, above. And (less of) me in July of 2018, below.


Over the course of the past four years, I’ve lost 40 pounds and found my way back to the Path. For me, the Path does not lead to a particular destination. It is the destination.

By the time my first daughter was born, I had strayed far from the Path. In college, I had the benefit of set schedule. Wake up, train, go to class, train, repeat. This led to some fast running times, entry into elite track meets, and good grades. Two decades and a busy law practice later, the grind of mid-life had kicked in.  Instead of waking up early and setting my daily intention, I slept in as late as possible without getting fired. Rather than making a healthy breakfast for myself and the kids, I slammed some processed meat-and-sodium bomb before racing to the office. At the end of stressful day, I would unwind with a (couple of) drink(s) rather than go to yoga or hit the roads for a run.

One day I simply got sick of feeling like a soft 40 year-old with low energy. So I changed.

I began to wake up early, set a daily intention, and live each day mindfully. Now, I try to consciously choose how to spend my time each day. I fuel my body with food that serves me. I want to run fast and live long, so I eat accordingly. I prepare as much of my own food as my daily schedule permits. I drink as much water as my stomach will comfortably hold. And, perhaps most importantly, I try to keep my mind in the present moment.

“Why am I doing this?”

“How does this action impact my goals?”

“Is this the best I can do? The best I can be? As a father? A husband? A professional? A friend? A runner (okay, hobby jogger)?”

These are the questions I ask myself throughout the day in order to stay on the Path. I fail as often as I succeed. The topography of my Path is “rugged,” to say the least. But I will never stop trying to find my way back to the Path.

NYC Marathon Training Update:

Last week’s mileage topped out at 75 miles. This included a long(ish) run of 16 miles, a tempo, some doubles, and six mile repeats “downs” where each successive mile is slightly faster than the previous interval. My 45-year-old legs are holding up so far!

I will continue to keep you posted as the big day approaches. In the meantime, thanks for checking in!






2 thoughts on “Keeping on the Path

  1. Happy I stumbled upon this! Thanks for sharing your story! Your training and outlook are inspiring:) Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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