Week One is Done



I’m off to a solid start. I covered 83 miles over the first seven days of my 12 week plan for the TCS NYC Marathon this November. This included two “doubles” where I split up the mileage in the morning and afternoon, one track session of 10 * 1K repeats, a long(ish) run, and an easy “tempo” run.

To keep both mind and body right, I tweaked my daily routine in a two keys areas:


I have increased: foam rolling, water consumption, plant-based protein consumption, and sleep.

I have decreased: consumption of meat, dairy, and alcohol.


I have increased: morning mediation, evening journaling, and goal-sharing with close friends and family. I’ve also been diggin on some great inspirational podcasts like Rich Roll’s interview of David Goggins.

I have decreased: worrying about things I cannot control, associating with cynical and/or negative people.

There is no substitute for simply doing the work of putting one foot before the other and repeating. But I believe these additional body/mind preparations will help me realize the best version of myself in New York on November 4. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, thanks for checking in!

Talk to you soon!



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